Registration and Fees

Fees Explained & Banking Details:

  • Registration fees – R600 per child, for newcomers ONLY (not refundable)
  • R1600 per month for a single child
  • R3000 per month for two children
  • R4500 per month for three children


Extramural activities, transportation and stationery lists for classes are not included.

We currently have 140 children in our school. Registration for the next year is always open, operating strictly on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Please download our Registration Form, complete it and hand it in at the school.


Program and Activities:

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 06:15 to 17:30. Apart from our daily educational program we offer breakfast and lunch as well as two snack times daily. We are open throughout the year, also during holidays except for the last two weeks of December.



The school consists of five spacious class rooms, 43×10 square meters in size. The classes are organised according to age groups:

  • 2-3 years – Janine Craucamp (Early Childhood Development Diploma L5 and 13 years’ experience at our school) together with Paulinah Aphane (10 years with us).
  • 3-4 years – Esther Schoeman and Ellen Siwela (both 27 years’ experience at our school).
  • 4-5 years – Rachel Motau (Early Childhood Development Diploma L4 and 14 years’ experience with us) together with Lenah Mashao.
  • 4-5 years – Tracey Hurter working together with Selina Aphane (27 years with us).
  • Grade R – Ronell van der Bijl (Higher Education Diploma and Early Childhood Development Diploma L5 with more than 30 years’ of experience) together with Regina Sepuru.
  • Office and Principal – Ronell van der Bijl.
  • Statements and Financial matters – Ryno van der Bijl.
  • Graphic & Web Developer – Robin van der Bijl.
  • Garden – Philemon Ngobeni (8 Years with the school).
  • Kitchen – Martha Maluleka (27 Years with the school).
There are two toilet facilities with 11 small child friendly washing basins. The outdoor playing area is 2,600 square meters with several climbing apparatus, swings and a large sandpit.

Transportation is provided to and from Silverton, Meyerspark, Mamelodi, Nelmapius and even as far afield as Equestria.

Stationery List: 2-3 Years (Teacher Janine)

  • Ponal glue (1x small)
  • Pritt (1x)
  • Jumbo crayons
  • A4 book with colored paper
  • A4 book with colored carton
  • Small note book
  • Vaseline (6x per year)
  • Throw away nappies (4x per day)
  • 1x Bottle Dettol
  • Coloring book (No Superheroes)
    All items must be clearly marked with student name & Surname

Stationery List: 4-5 Years (Teacher Tracey and Rachel)

  • Retractable Crayons
  • 2x HB Pencils
  • 2x Pritt Stick
  • Pencil Bag (With zip to fit all stationary)
  • Empty white 5l Ice-cream container (also available at Westpack or Plastilon)
  • Coloring book (No Superheroes)
  • Ball
  • Bean bag
  • Plastic apron
  • Eraser & Sharpener
  • 1x Bottle Ponal glue
  • A4 colored paper
  • Skipping rope
    All items must be clearly marked with student name & Surname

All ages should have the following:

  • School T-shirt and School cap

  • Tuck shop money for Fridays

  • School bag

  • Small blanket during winter months

  • Mattress cover (Available at School for R150)

  • 1x Toilet roll per month

  • 1x Box of tissues every 2nd month

  • 1 Wet wipes per month

  • A face cloth

  • A small sanitizer bottle

Stationery List: 3-4 Years (Teacher Esther)

    • 1x Ponal Glue (Small)
    • 2x Pritt (Small)
    • Jumbo crayons
    • All items must be clearly marked with student name & Surname

Stationery List: 5-6 Years (Teacher Ronell)

  • Bean bag
  • Ball
  • Plastic apron
  • 2x HB pencils
  • Eraser & sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Coloring book – thick (72 pages or more)
  • A4 size book with lines to write in
  • Pritt glue
  • Ponal glue
  • 1 Pack gumned paper (different colors)
  • Skipping rope
  • Pencil case
  • Coloring Pencils and crayons
  • Empty white 5l ice-cream container
  • All items must be clearly marked with student name & Surname

Banking Details – Meyerspark Nursery School

Bank: ABSA

Branch: Silverton 549745 | Universal Code: 632005

Account Number: 4057583336

Ref: Child name + surname

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