Extra Mural Activities at

Meyerspark Nursery School



08:00 – Swimming (Diadora Aquatics)

10:00 – Computer Training (Just Click)



08:00 – Swimming – Diadora Aquatics

12:00 – Tennis Minions



10:00 – Netball (Now Netball)

10:00 – Soccer (Super Strikers)



10:00 – Ballet


09:00 – 11:00 – Music (Included in school fees)


Develops social skills, encourages good posture, teaches physical discipline, enhances an appreciation of music, develops creative abilities, improves confidence and self-discipline, allows individual expression.

Nanette: 083 302 4410

Computer Lessons

We offer unique computer training for kids. Classes are presented at school on laptop computers provided by us.

Skill development with Just Click includes:

  • Perception / Memory / Logic / Creativity / Number concept / Computer skills.
  • Emotional skills such as: Self-confidence / Planning / Cooperation.
  • Task orientation such as: Concentration / Independent work / Decision making / Perseverance / Completion of tasks.


Alida: 083 294 5983

Swim School

Why swimming?

  • It is a compulsory life skill.
  • It is a lifesaving skill.
  • It encourages self-confidence.
  • It guarantees better performance at school.
  • Your child understands water responsibility.
  • It is lots of fun.
  • Muscle toning will improve tremendously.
  • Lung capacity will increase.


Karien: 083 305 7746


Super Strikers is a fun soccer programme specifically designed for young children aged 2 – 7.

This is where we give children their first experience of soccer and ensure that this experience is fun and enjoyable.

Our objective is simple: “Have them fall in love with soccer!”.


Martin: 072 785 3887


Now Netball is an extra mural activity for kids 3-9 years old. It has a fun curriculum and is a structured form of activity where kids can learn necessary skills such as co-ordination and agility. Netball for kids is an important sport in most schools and most girls would like to participate, but while our boys are being developed in team sports at a young age our girls are being left behind. Now Netball is founded on a love for children and a passion for netball.


Natasha: 084 707 9198


Learn basic tennis strokes, hand-eye coordination, tracking skills, using the miniature equipment and low compression balls. Emphasis: FUN & more.


Martin: 072 785 3887

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